Zoas  Real Fruit



High quality, exotic and other fruit products using a specialised osmotic process so that the consumer has access to near fresh fruit I handy packs all year round.
Zoas products capture the essence of pure, fresh fruit with all its natural goodness, healthy nutritional value and vitality. The word Zoas in classical Greek means
essence of Life.

Fruit have always been enjoyed be all cultures. Today they are most appreciated because their vitamin, mineral and natural enzyme content is helpful in replenishing vital nutrients lost due to the stresses of our modern environment. Most fruits are known to posses anti-oxidant properties. Regular consumption of fruits stimulates the immune system and increases energy levels, thus promoting health and well-being. Fruits release their nutrients rapidly into the bloodstream, hence giving a quick energy boost without taxing the digestive system. Nutritionists have been researching the anti-carcinogenic properties of fruits, in particular tropical and sub-tropical varieties, such as mango, pineapple and papaya.


Natural Processing 

Zoas Nu-fruit is produced by an osmotic infusion process, which retains the natural flavour and the bio-energetic values of freshly picked fruit. The gentle preserving process uses no artificial additives, colourants or flavourants, and is based on the movement of fluids of different concentrations across the natural membranes of fruits and vegetables. 

Known In the industry as Intermediate Moisture Food (IMF) technology, this process has been widely used by scientists since the 1970s (a similar process is used to purify salines water). The outcome is that consumers can enjoy near fresh fruits all year round with convenience and minimum wastage. Diversity in climatic conditions and fruit cultivars can result in slight seasonal variances in the colour and taste of the final product.

 The Pick Of The Crop

 Zoas only uses fruit packed at its prime ripeness, after which it is carefully skinned, de-pipped or de-cored, and cut to the appropriate size before processing. At all times the fruits is handled hygienically and with care to avoid bruising and damage. Zoas Nu-fruit is stored in cool, dry and sterile conditions so the consumer can enjoy it all year round. Shelf stable for up to one year.



The Zoas Basket

 Zoas currently produces mango, papaya and pineapple in various finished forms. Guava, kiwi, lychee, strawberry, apricot, peach, pear, apple, citrus, melon and ginger are all being developed and will be introduced in near future.

 Product Range

There are two major Zoas product lines:

  •  Zoas Nu-fruit

 This is the whole fruit in various sizes, cuts, levels of moisture, sweetness and dryness. The fruit bites or strips can be used for snacks, school lunches, after exercise, or whenever you need  and energy boost. The can be diced, or minced for use in a variety of ways, such as  in biscuits, cakes, cereal mixes, confectionery, chutneys, muffins, preserves, puddings, yogurts

  • Zoas Nu-form Fruit

 This is produced from natural fruit pulp mixed with different ratios of full fruit and made in a variety of sizes and forms, such as fruit nibbled, fruit toffees and fruit Turkish delight.

 All of these Zoas products can be chocolate enrobed, as we as flavoured with mint, vanilla and other natural flavourants for more sophisticated tastes



Consumer Choice

 The Zoas products range can be tailor-made to the needs of the distributing company or specific industry requirements, for example: hotels, restaurants, resorts, caterers, confectioners, airlines, sports markets, gift selections and vending machines. Zoas can supply bulk product or ready packed according to the specifications of the client.

 The Zoas Team

 The core of the Zoas operation is based on a small group of specialists, who combine business management with horticultural, processing, production, and packing expertise. Added to this is a vigorous research and development team dedicated to providing the know-how for new IMF products, as well as continious improvements on existing ones. The company endeavours to buy fruit from small farmers on fair trade principles. Zoas plans to expand through contract production and joint ventures with co-operatives and farmers in Africa and abroad.



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